"I took the program in April and what an experience it was! The materials were very well explained and practical. I am currently the only curly hair stylist in Belgium who applies the CC technique...and by the way, what fantastic, beautiful results!"

Wow Your Clients

Despite the fact that over 50% of people have some degree of textured hair, there are almost no curly cutting specialists. Stand out from the crowd and offer a service that is in high demand.

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Get a Full Learning Experience

From skill-specific knowledge, to business growth tips, to client management tips. The training videos are wholesome, easily digestible, and show you step-by-step, how to apply the knowledge.

make more money

Make More Money

Fact: Curly clients spend 60% more on their hair than straight haired clients. Discover how you can offer in demand services that will put more money in your pocket.

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Cut Curls With Precision

Call us crazy, but we don't think your hair should only look good in one style. Learn how to cut curls with precision, resulting in a curly cut that looks amazing no matter how you wear your hair.

Alanna York

Meet Alanna York

The founder of Head Games salon in Portland, Maine for the last 20 years she has been cutting curls and taking names.

Driven by her passion to help curlies embrace their natural texture. Alanna has spent her career helping her clients avoid the pain and embarrassment she felt as a child not knowing how to care for her chaotic locks.

In addition to being featured on ABC's SHARK TANK, Alanna is a frequent contributor to NaturallyCurly.com and her work has been featured by most major industry publications.

What you get when you sign on

Access to training videos

Get lifetime access to the materials and learn from anywhere, any device, and at a convenient time of your choosing.

Expert guidance and support

As your training progresses, you can send in questions to get support on how to make the best use of the materials.

Controlled Chaos certificate and badge

Gain your prospects’ trust with a certificate you can display at your salon, and a badge you can display on your website.

And some exciting bonuses...

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A Feature On Our Stylist Finder

10,000+ curlies visit our website every month, looking for curly hair experts... some are bound to be in your area.

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Photography Tips

Learn how to take photographs that do your work justice and show prospects you’re the perfect choice... #nofilter

grow your business

A Fun Contest

At the end of your training, there’s a fun contest for showcasing pictures of your new cutting expertise.

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We aren't saying you will become an expert overnight, nothing good comes easy. But we are saying with our dedicated support and monthly live trainings we will support you every step of the way.

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